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Quick Cumulus Update

Posted by retromaster on February 1, 2011

Here is a small update on what’s going on with Cumulus: I’ve finally received the CumuluBus boards from the PCB manufacturer today. Within the next few days, I am going to assemble and test a few of them, and if all goes well, move on to assembling some full Cumulus boards.

The source code for the Cumulus firmware has been available at the defence-force SVN for some days now:

I have not worked on the sources after I uploaded the sources though, mainly because I have been working on (yet) another, quite different project during the last week or so, while waiting for the boards. I’ll disclose the details about that soon here on the blog.


3 Responses to “Quick Cumulus Update”

  1. Boris said

    Wow. I found your project here while search for a microdrive for my oric.
    I hope your tests with the board runs good. Can’t wait too work with this board and my oric 🙂
    Good work!

  2. Dbug said

    I took at look at the code, it seems perfectly understandable.
    Apparently it’s not 100% standard C, it seems to have some extensions to the language. I downloaded the IDE, but could not manage to find how to select the compiler to use, etc…

    Guess that a mini tutorial about what to download and how to set-it-up would be welcome 🙂

  3. retromaster said

    Sure. It’s not too complicated, really. In addition to the IDE, the firmware needs the MPLAB C18 compiler (Standart-Eval version is free) to compile. Once you install that, just create a new project in the IDE with the project wizard. Choose PIC18F46K20 as the target device, and Microchip C18 as the toolsuite. Add all the files to the project (including the lkr linker script) and you should be able build the firmware without any problems.

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