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Cumulus New PCBs Ordered

Posted by retromaster on December 21, 2010

A small update this time. I’ve finished the new Cumulus PCB design (revision B) and just yesterday ordered a few units from a manufacturer in China. Usually I manufacture my own prototypes before ordering from a manufacturer, but this time I did not do that, mainly to save some time. Hopefully there are no (major) problems/mistakes with the design :).

Here is a quick summary of what’s new: Integrated LCD and buttons, 40-pin connector (for use with CumuluBus), better routing on critical lines (to further avoid crosstalk), elimination of 74221-based circuitry and crystal oscillator for driving the PIC and the CPLD.


7 Responses to “Cumulus New PCBs Ordered”

  1. Wonderful – if you want to sell one of these, I’m eager to catch up with you hardware-wise, and willing to start pitching in to add software features if its useful!

  2. retromaster said

    OK. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves :). First I’d like to verify that the thing works without problems… And we’ll need to order some CumuluBus boards too.

  3. Dbug said

    Considering the width, I can almost imagine that as fitting nicely on the top part of the microdisc case where I’ve put an amplifier for the loudspeakers 🙂

  4. retromaster said

    That would work :). Or I can maybe get you one of these (I’ve designed the PCB to fit in this): They’re available in black, too.

  5. ben said

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much was it to make? Whats the name of the pcb house?

    I have my boards made at olimex, they’re cheap for the simple boards I’ve needed, but if there is someone better then I’ll switch!

  6. retromaster said

    I ordered from Gold Phoenix. See the link for the prices. They seem to be quite a bit cheaper than Olimex and their production capabilities seem to be more advanced. I previously ordered some UFE boards from them and I was satisfied. We will see how this order turns out.

  7. freaktmp said

    Please let me know if and when you begin taking orders for cumulus. I’d be interested in at least one (or even more depending on the price).

    Keep up the good work!

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