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A1200 Keyboard Daughterboard Working

Posted by retromaster on August 9, 2010

After implementing the I2C communications and a little bit of debugging, the UFE A1200 Keyboard Daughterboard is now operational. For testing, I had to use the previous Rev A1 development prototype of UFE, since the only existing Rev A2 prototype is now installed in an A500 machine and I did not want to remove it. I’ve had to make some cables and it also took some work with the hot glue gun to get the UFE installed in the A1200 case, but the results seem fine. In a little while, I’ll be updating the UFE page with this news; additional photos will be uploaded there as well.


2 Responses to “A1200 Keyboard Daughterboard Working”

  1. trip6 said

    Will there be an A500 version of the daughterboard? UFE will be especially useful for these models so reliant on the floppy drive.

  2. retromaster said

    The A500 keyboard daughterboard already exists. Please see the UFE project website.

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