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ATARI 1040STE with UFE

Posted by retromaster on June 13, 2010

As part of my on-going tests of UFE with its major target hosts, here are some photos from my tests with an ATARI 1040STE.

The video overlay works fine, although the UFE output drivers are a little weak compared to those of the 1040STE so they are unable to saturate the output for white pixels. In my opinion, it’s less than ideal, but it does not seem to be a big problem either.

I’ve added support for loading ST and MSA files to the firmware. Just like with the CPC, there is no write support yet, and a keyboard daughterboard will need to be designed for the ST keyboard. According to the schematics, (at least) the 1040STE has both SEL lines on the internal floppy connectors, but I have not tested dual drive operation. I do not expect any major problems there as it should be quite similar to the CPC.

So, now that I know that there are no major problems with the major target hosts of UFE, I’ll be moving on to manufacturing the next PCB revision.


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