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UFE Firmware Progress

Posted by retromaster on May 28, 2010

I have completely overhauled the UFE user interface. Now, upon activating the UI, a menu displays options that are available for all drives, including image insertion and ejection and write protect settings. While writing this, it has just occured to me that it might be useful to display the name of the currently mounted image for each drive. So, I’ll keep doing little UI improvements here and there it seems.

In addition, I’ve implemented full FAT32 support. There was a limitation carried over from the old TFE firmware, that the FAT32 filesystem needed to be defragmented, that is, “cluster following” was not properly implemented. This is no longer an issue with the UFE firmware, and furthermore, I’ve implemented support for directories as well.

Near the end of last week, I ordered the parts for the new hardware revision. The order basically consists of the newer PIC32MX575 which seems to be a just little more suitable for this project (with 3 SPI ports instead of the 2 for PIC32MX460). Until the parts arrive, I’ll keep making improvements to the firmware.


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