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Dual Drive Support in UFE

Posted by retromaster on May 20, 2010

Here is a screenshot of XCopy just after copying a floppy with UFE in dual drive mode. I think this was the second floppy for the game “Arabian Nights”. After copying this, I mounted the first floppy in DF0, rebooted the Amiga, and I was able to play the game without having to swap floppies (since the second floppy was already in DF1 after the copy operation). I need to modify the UFE user interface to have a suitable, practical way to mount floppies in each drive and make them write-protected if desired. 

During my tests, I’ve found out that the write clock recovery circuit I am using (based on the 555 timer) can be somewhat sensitive (probably to temperature) to the pot adjustment that controls the clock frequency. This issue manifests itself in the form of data corruption during writes. Reads are not affected on the Amiga as it is quite tolerant to changes in bitrate, a “feature” used by many protection schemes back in the day. Once the clock frequency is adjusted, writes work fine, independent of the disk image. I intend to address this sensitivity issue in the next board revision.


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