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TFE+ Floppy Read Emulation Working

Posted by retromaster on March 29, 2010

After a bit of debugging during the weekend, I managed to get the TFE+ floppy read emulation to work. The photos show Rick Dangerous in action and TFE+ UI overlays on top of them. They were taken with a camera from an older SD plasma screen, in reality the video output is nice and clear, and TFE+ overlays do not affect the quality.

At the moment, the TFE+ is functionally almost at the same level as the original TFE (except a few remaining bugs to work out). To make use of the extra memory of the mega644, I’ve enlarged the video output by an additional 5 text lines to 40×30. The image with the workbench shows the “no floppy in drive” message, because, just like the original TFE, video output and floppy emulation cannot be active at the same time, so TFE+ behaves as if there is no disk in it while the user interface is active. Once an image is selected the TFE+ user interface disappears and floppy emulation becomes active. This behaviour is due to a hardware limitation.

Once the few remaining bugs are sorted, I plan to shoot a video of how the whole thing works. I’ll probably soon put up a web page for the TFE+ project itself as well. I am also going to work on the more advanced features such as write support and on-board MFM encoding.


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