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MF70 CNC Progress

Posted by retromaster on November 23, 2009

I’ve had some progress with my Proxxon MF70 CNC conversion project. X and Y axes are complete, and so far it seems to work fine with no significant vibrations at a decent speed. I went through a few design ideas and eventually came to choose a rather simple one where I replaced the lead screws and made new nuts out of delrin for both axes.  This had the nice side effect of a somewhat increased resolution as well. In addition to the motor mounts, I also built the aluminum couplings between the leadscrews and motor shafts.

Now it’s time to work on the z-axis, which should basically be the same. Once the machine is complete, I intend to use it to manufacture parts for a new design for the Y axis, where I’ll be able to extend the travel of the axis by about 20mm. This should enhance the usability of the machine greatly.


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