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Manufacturing and Sales of TFE

Posted by retromaster on September 14, 2009

About a couple of months ago, we came into an aggreement with a guy from Hong Kong about manufacturing and sale of TFE. We made a fair deal (at least I think at the time we both thought so), where he would concentrate on manufacturing and sales and I would concentrate on further product development. Unfortunately, the guy does not seem to be behaving seriously and professionally about this whole thing, and does not even respond to my e-mails right now. The funny thing (and the reason why I took this guy seriously at the time) is that he operates an online shop that sells retro console parts and accessories including backup units that he designs and manufactures himself. To top it off, he was recommended strongly by a friend of mine, so the guy’s behaviour came as a complete surprise to me.

Anyway, if among those who are reading this, there is anybody with the facilities and willingness to handle manufacturing and sales of TFE, I am open to offers and suggestions at this point. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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